Monday 19 March 2012

Frank Maloney to retire from boxing!

Promoter Frank Maloney has announced that he plans to quit the sport, following the inquest of Olympic boxer Darren Sutherland (you can find out more about the Sutherland story in one of our recent articles).

Maloney will have to wait to 2015 as he still has commitments with existing contracts but he has said from then on ''that's it''.

The inquest to the death of Darren Sutherland concluded on Thursday with an open verdict. Speaking after the inquest about his intention to quit, Maloney said: ''My conscience is totally clear... I don't like how people try to paint people in boxing, I don't need the stress factor... I have had enough of it. I've had enough of people thinking we're all crooks and charlatans... I will never sign another boxer.''

Maloney (bottom right) with Lennox Lewis (center).
Mr Maloney rejected suggestions that he threatened or put pressure on Mr Sutherland, and said he had no idea  why the boxer was frightened of him.

Maloney also said that he would be willing to meet Sutherland's family in the near future, stating: ''My door stays open... I've nothing to hide!''

Some of Maloney's past clients include Lennox Lewis and Rendall Munroe who both have won world and European titles.

Whether Maloney will be missed is a different question but nobody can deny that he has done a lot for the sport and his fighters.

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