Tuesday 20 March 2012

Top Rank Sues Yuriorkis Gamboa... And More!

As we all know from reports last week, Top Rank is suing Yuriorkis Gamboa for breach of contract. The main reason being that he didn't turn up to the press conferences for his fight with Brandon Rios who will now be fighting Richard Abril instead of Gamboa.

If you thought Top Rank were just going to make an example of Gamboa by just suing him, you were wrong, they're not just going to stop there. It looks like they could be suing up to 10 other people who were rumored to be involved with the whole ordeal. According to reports, these are people who are associated with promotional companies that apparently tried to poach Gamboa.

Gamboa seen training at Mayweather's gym.
These people have not yet been named but going by rumors and common sense I think most people will be able to guess who a few of them are. Even Oscar De La Hoya at Golden Boy has been accused. The reason for this being his big announcement on Twitter that we were all waiting for just to find out that he had been sober for 10 months. Maybe he was about to announce that he had poached Gamboa but thought better of it and stayed out of trouble.

Most people think that it is Mayweather Promotions who are guilty. Gamboa was seen training at Mayweather's gym whilst he was meant to be at the press conferences for his fight with Rios. So this is a big lump of evidence that would point towards Mayweather Promotions so they will definitely have some explaining to do.

Top Rank's reason for suing is that they believe if Gamboa was left unpunished it would damage their reputation and make other fighters believe that they can do the same whenever they want. They will likely try to drag out the case for a while to try and punish Yuriorkis Gamboa with legal fees.

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