Tuesday 18 June 2013

Ian Lewison Q&A

John Hoolan (@JohnHoolan) interviews up and coming British heavyweight Ian Lewison...

Ian "Lay Em Out" Lewison is the 31 year old heavyweight boxer from Brixton, South London. He had a successful career as an amateur, beating both Helenius and Solis, finishing his AM career with a record of 67 wins and 5 losses.

Ian has had 10 pro fights, 7 wins (4 by KO), 2 losses and 1 draw. His last fight was in the semi final of Prizefighter and his next fight is a rematch with Colin Kenna on 13th July.

I was lucky enough to be able to ask Ian some questions lately and here are his answers...

1. With some time passed now since Prizefighter, how would you rate your performance? 
I feel in prize fighter I fought well but looking back I think in the second fight I was convinced I was well ahead on points so I went into the 3rd round and was saving myself for the final. 

2. What do you think you can learn from your next opponent,  Colin Kenna? Is he a stepping stone upwards or is it a case of righting a wrong from your 6th fight?
I don't think I can learn anything from Kenna, I just want to inflect pain on him.
3. What is the plan going forward? For example where do you expect to be career wise in 2 years time?
The plan moving forward is to get 10 rounds fights under my belt so I will be able to fight for major titles, in 2 years I would like to be world champion defending my titles.
4. You don't generate the same headlines as Price, Tyson Fury or Haye, whilst Hughie Fury has only had 5 fights yet is being hailed by some as the next big superstar. Does this generate any resentment for you? 
Hughie is  getting headlines right now on the back of Tyson. I think he's good but we will never know till his opposition is better, about him saying he wants to be youngest heavy weight champion I think it's to keep his name in the headlines, no resentment from me towards them they have a good P.R team behind them,they can only beat what's there and there doing that even though there being under matched. 

5. Who, in your opinion are the top 5 HWs in the world at the moment?
1 Wlad Klitchko
2 David Haye 
3 Vit Klitchko
4 Tomasz Adamek
5 not sure about  
6. You had a fairly successful amateur career beating both Helenius and Solis. Do you think you're pro career is falling short of the standard you set in the ams so far?
My pro career got off to a slow start it is starting to build up momentum now, in the start I had lots of injury's and was inactive I will reach the heights of the pro ranks within 2 years. 
7. Who wins Haye or Fury?
Haye wins by knockout within 5 rounds brutal knockout.

8. Who or what is your inspiration to keep going? Do you have any boxing "heroes"?
My inspiration is willing and being able to give my kids nice things.

9. If you weren't a boxer what would you be?
I would be a business man I love doing business.

10. Do you have any messages for your fans? Or for those that may not be so familiar with you?

To everyone that has watched me and enjoyed the excitement I bring, stay tuned to my facebook fan page and twitter for all the latest news  and developments.
Thanks for all your support in the past and continued support I put my body throw all the pain to give the fans excitement. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ian for his time and I would urge you to follow him and his career, I wish Ian well...

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