Wednesday 14 November 2012

Changes To The Site

"The Boxing Hub"
(Those of you who are worrying about our Twitter account, do not worry. Our Twitter account will be remaining exactly the same!)

In case you haven't heard already, I will be making a few changes to the site. Really, now that I think about it, they are more additions than changes... 
Basically, the site has been running pretty well lately but for it to really take off, I think it needs to be different to other boxing sites out there. News and updates are good but there's hundreds, maybe even thousands, of sites out there that provide you with boxing news. And obviously at the moment I can't compete with the top ones out there as this site is relatively new and I'm running it all on my own at the moment. As the site progresses and the more writers I recruit, the more news I will be able to give you.

So here's my idea:
Everything that is on the site now will be staying here. I will just be adding more and more pages, and more and more ideas as time goes on. I want this to be a place where a boxing fan can come and find whatever they need, whether that be results, rankings, videos, photos, podcasts, news or interviews. Hence the idea "The Boxing Hub." Everything a boxing fan needs, all in one place.

Here is what I have so far and what I will be adding in the future:

  • Results
  • Pound-For-Pound Lists
  • News
  • Interviews
  • Fans Page
  • Fighter Of The Week
  • Awards (In Progress)
  • Prediction League
  • ---------------------------
  • Podcasts
  • Constant Videos (Up to date footage of weigh-ins, face-off's etc.)
  • Schedule
  • Special Articles (Themed articles from boxing writers, pundits, coaches, fighters etc.)
  • Fight Previews
If you have any other ideas that you think could be added to the site, please let me know. (, @BoxingOpinions1, 07902170824).

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