Saturday 22 September 2012

Interview With Derry Mathews

You are competing in what is probably the highest-level Prizefighter to date.. How do you fancy your chances?
Am the one people have to beat in it and I believe I can win it have trained hard had great sparring just want it to hurry up now.

Who in the Prizefighter do you see as your biggest competition?
I think over 3 rounds liverpools ste Jennings is a massive threat , but everyone in it is very good fighters. I respect all of them.

There have been a lot of people asking for another fight between you and Anthony Crolla.. Can you see this fight happening again?
I hope it happens again I love fighting the best I believe ant is one of the best and I no the fans would love to see it.

Your clash with Crolla was almost like a "last chance" fight for you. You were considered as a massive underdog.. Did you expect to win in the way you did?
Before the fight I said in interviews everything I was going to do like put him over cut him take him places have never been before , even on twitter I predicted the round.

Your most recent fight was with Gavin Rees.. Would you like a third fight with him somewhere down the line?
Of course like have said I love testing myself Gavin is world class there was no shame loosing to him I hope he wins a world title again.

Who is the best fighter you have fought so far in your career?
On paper and what they have achieved has to be Gavin Rees. Great fighter.

How did you get into boxing?
I lived next door to the salisbury abc also known as the solly so that was my home from age of 8.

At the age of 28, you still have a long career ahead of you.. What are your aims and objectives for the future?
I just want to keep making the fans happy and have a good few more fights I have a aim to get to 50 then i'll walk away a happy man.

If you could fight any boxer in the world right now, who would it be?
I would love the winner out of burns and Mitchell like I said I love testing myself have sparred burns and I felt I held my own.

FAN ZONE (Questions From Our Fans):

Who inspired you when you were just a young boxer?
I always looked up to David Burke I would sit in the solly and watch him train then I was lucky enough to be a training partner of his in the pro game

If you don't win Prizefighter.. What's next?
I'll sit down with my team and discuss but surely I have to be mandatory if Gavin (Rees) vacates British title.

Want has been the best moment of your career so far?
Beating Steve foster in front of all those manchester fans for world title and also beating crolla on his on turf I have a habit of beating mancs in there own town ;)

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