Thursday 31 May 2012

Tyson Fury: Chisora is a fat bum, Haye no better

Tyson Fury beats an out-of-shape Chisora.
Undefeated Irish heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has waisted no time in insulting and calling out controversial British heavyweights David Haye and Dereck Chisora, who are set to fight each other at Upton Park on July 14th.
He was offered a fight with former world title challenger Audley Harrison but turned it down as he is eager to fight Haye or Chisora next.
"At this moment, a fight with Audley Harrison can't happen," explained Fury. "In my mind, Audley can only redeem himself once he wins a world title. Only then would I be interested. Apart from that, he has nothing to interest me for a future fight."
"I am moving out of domestic level and moving up in class. I want the winner of Haye V Chisora and then one of the Klitschko's," expalined the 6"9 heavyweight giant.
He also went on to diss the two world title contenders and claiming that he is already a level above Chisora who is "a fat bum" and former world champ Haye who is "no better."
It will be interesting to see how Haye and Chisora react to this. Fury has already beaten former world title challenger Chisora but in that fight Chisora was seriously out of shape and I think that if they were to fight again now it would be a completely different fight. Haye is still a level above Fury but maybe in a few years time it would be a great fight to see. Anyway, no need to worry. There is no doubt that Chisora and Haye will reply very soon with their own bit of trash-talking.

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