Friday, 13 September 2013

Kid Galahad vs Jazza Dickens - Fight Preview

By Adam Canavan @adam_canavan
Although this won't be at the top of everyone's minds when it comes to this weekend's boxing but Kid Galahad vs Jazza Dickens is a top notch domestic showdown between two young and undefeated fighters at Super Bantamweight for the vacant British Title.

Kid Galahad (23), real name Abdul Barry Awad, has a record of 14(7)-0 and has beaten the likes of Paul Griffin, Jason Booth, Josh Wale and most recently he handed Isaac Nettey his first stoppage loss, winning by TKO in the 5th after dominating and putting in a classy display. Galahad fights out of the famous Ingle gym in Sheffield and you can definitely tell with his style and demeanour. He has clearly been influenced by the gyms other stars such as Naseem Hamed, Herol Graham and Junior Witter. Galahad has a flashy style, much like Hamed, in which he carries his hands very low and relies on his reflexes and head movement to get out of the way of punches and counter, his fitness is also second to none so the 12 round distance is no problem to him.
Jazza Dickens (22) has a record of 16(7)-0 and has decent wins against Franklin Varela and Jon Fernandes, Dickens gave the latter his only loss. Dickens brings a high pressure style into the ring but usually uses that pressure with intelligence. He has fast hands, boxes out of the southpaw stance and good reflexes (he is a lot harder to hit than it seems looking at him) and likes to throw in combinations from what I have seen and despite the way his record looks on paper he actually has a decent punch on him.
I think this fight is a good clash of styles and while it won't have everyone's attention and it won't be on the same level as 'The One', it will be a good domestic fight! I expect Jazza's southpaw stance to cause Galahad some trouble early on, struggling to avoid Jazza's fast punches, but I expect galahad to slowly but surely find his timing and to take over as the fight progresses, making Dicken's miss and making him pay late on.
My prediction: Galahad UD

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