Saturday, 26 January 2013

Interview with Denton Vassell

The British welterweight scene is bulging with talent right now and 28-year old Commonwealth welterweight champion Denton Vassell is right in the middle of it. After a long inactive spell Vassell blasted back onto the scene with a victory over Ronnie Heffron and looks set for a big 2013.

You impressed a lot of people with your dominant victory over British prospect Ronnie Heffron back in November.. Was it easier than you expected?

No fight's easy you just gotta stay focused, but I knew he wouldn't of beaten me ( without sounding disrespectful ) he's a good tough fighter. I had a game plan and I stuck to it.

The British welterweight division is thriving right now.. Who do you believe are your most serious competitors?

Everyone because I don't underestimate anyone. We all have to two arms,two hands, two legs and one head. Just get in the ring and see what happens.

Some people still want to see a rematch between yourself and Lee Purdy.. Can you see this fight happening anytime soon? 

Course it could possibly come soon or later were in the same weight, and we both want one thing... It's Boxing.

Would you be interested in fighting British champion Frankie Gavin anytime soon?

Yeah he's a good fighter I've got alot of respect for him, It would be a good fight.

Do you believe you're ready to step up to that next level yet? (European and world)?

Yeah why not! Ha like I said I want to shine in the boxing world and the only way is up. I train way hard enough for a European and Word title shot.

Kell Brook is currently Britain's No.1 and challenges for a world title next month.. Is he a potential opponent for you in the future?

Yeah again like I said were in the same weight and want the same thing. Our paths may cross.

Did you get to see the most recent welterweight Prizefighter?.. Was there anyone that caught your eye?

Yeah I watched I give all fighters respect to even step in the ring. But like I say I don't underestimate anyone I treat them all the same.

If you could fight anyone in the world right now, who would it be?

Timothy Bradley only because he's got the Main Belt, ha but would love a shot at (Saul) Alvarez too.

Who is someone you look up to as an idol in this sport?

Iron Mike Tyson- he was aggressive, fast, powerful, defensive and had an aggressive effective style (fans loved to watch). Also on top of that he was small like me ha. But I don't Want to be him, Im me... I use him as a motivation and a idol.

FAN ZONE (Questions from our followers):

Would you be willing to fight Frankie Gavin next?

It's a fight that all the fans want to see, and both me and frankie both want it too we both believe we will win so hopefully we could get something sorted for march.

Other than yourself, who do you think is the best welterweight in Britain?

Its an exciting devision domestically with a lot of good fighters. But I think Frankie , Purdy, Matthew Hatton along with myself are the 4 leading welters so it would be out of us I'd say.

How long do you believe it will be until you fight for a world title?

I'm going to be more active this year and show people what I can really do. Hopefully me and Frankie can get a fight sorted between us. There's also European champ Leonard bundu who I'd like. I'm thinking if all goes to plan end of this year ill be hitting the world stage.

Denton Vassell Vs Kell Brook - Who wins?

He's obviously ranked alot higher than me, but I don't see anyone on his résumé that I wouldn't have beaten myself. It would be a great fight as Kell is a top boxer with a good eye, speed and punch selection. But I saw things in the Carson Jones fight that I feel would edge the fight in my favour especially in the latter rounds with the way I fight.

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