Thursday 24 January 2013

Interview with Mark Thompson!

British welterweight/light-middleweight Mark Thompson (25-3, 15 KO's) recently competed in the welterweight Prizefighter tournament on January 19th. The Heywood-man was eliminated in the semi-final but looked to have only been able to use one hand. At the age of 31 he still believes that there is plenty more to come from in his career. 

You seemed to injure your right hand in the semi-final of Prizefighter on January 19th.. Could you explain the situation to us?

Was in the first fight against Rob Hunt when I injured my hand, but I hadn't put in all the work I did just to have the one fight, and to let all my fans down.

Are you planning to return to the ring anytime soon?

As soon as I can use my hand again, I will be back in the ring.

You've fought for international titles, but never British or Commonwealth.. Are these titles that you believe you can win at welterweight or light-middleweight?

Yes I believe I could win them at any, but I think I would be more comfortable at light-middleweight.

You were controversially stopped by Jack Culcay back in September.. Would you like a rematch with him?

I have already tried to get the rematch with him, he won't take it.

At the age of 31 you still look in fantastic shape.. How long do you believe you have left in the sport?

I couldn't really tell you how long I have left in the sport, but the way I'm feeling now, I feel like there's years left in me, I'm feeling better now than I did back when I was 21.

What are your aims and ambitions for the near future?

To take it step by step, but at the end of the day, I think I at least deserve a British title shot.

Who were your boxing idols when you were first starting out as a young boxer?

(Mike) Tyson.

Who do you believe is the best boxer in the world today?

(Floyd) Mayweather.

If you could fight anyone, who would it be?

Right this moment, anyone who has the British title.

FAN ZONE (Questions from the fans):

Do you want a rematch with Dale Evans over more rounds? Do you think you could win?

I'm not taking anything away from Dale Evans, but if you look at the fight I had one hand, even he said it could have gone either way so what would it be like if I had both?

Who do you think is the best welterweight in Britain?


Do you think you would have won Prizefighter if you hadn't of injured your hand? 

Yes I do, without a doubt.

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