Sunday, 27 January 2013

Watch out for the Charlo twins!

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97. 

Jermall (left) and Jermell (right) Charlo.
After just watching 22-year old Jermell Charlo dismantle tough Harry Joe Yorgey on the undercard of Lucas Matthysse Vs Mike Dallas Jr, I have come to the conclusion that this guy is somebody to definitely look out for in the future. The new WBC Continental Americas light-middleweight champion stopped Yorgey in 8 rounds to increase his record to 20-0. And it gets even better!.. Jermell has a twin named JermAll, who seems to have just as much talent and also fought on the show increasing his undefeated record to 11-0, with 7 KO's.

I can't talk about Jermall's fight because I didn't see it, but I was lucky enough to witness the punch-perfect performance from the older twin, by 9 minutes, Jermell.

I had heard of these two guys but I'd never actually seen them fight, so I was completely open-minded when I tuned in to watch him take a step up in class and face Yorgey. I was immediately impressed with the well-schooled American and the fight looked set to be over early when Yorgey was dropped twice in the second round and seemed to be out on his feet. However, the 35-year old managed to recover and drag the fight out a little longer.

There was venom in almost every shot Charlo threw and he was picking his shots nicely too. For a guy who turned pro at 17, he must have had a lot of amateur experience as a youngster. There was no rawness about him, the jab was stinging Yorgey's face all night long and the right hand was connecting almost every time he threw it too.
Some people called for him to step it up a gear and let his hands go, but I think there was something special about the patience that this young man had. And of course, when the opening did come, he took the opportunity and blasted Yorgey out of there in the 8th round.

Like I said, I haven't seen much of these two guys. But what I saw tonight was definitely impressive. They're not world class, show-topping guys yet, but a few years down the line they could well be. For Jermell I believe it is time to take another step up against maybe a fringe world level contender. He has dominated average opponents over and over again... Can he look as good against the tougher light-middleweights out there?

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