Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Geale Vs Mundine 2 - Round-By-Round Report

By Jason Murphy @JasonMurphy4

Well this fight has been hotting up for what seems an eternity. Ive always failed to get excited by the recent crop of Australian fighters(Michael Katzidis aside), but Daniel Geale never fails to blow my theory completely out of the water.......So after months of tit for tat and a couple of press conference spats fight night or in my case "sat at my computer in my office at work streaming the fight when im supposed to be working"fight morning is here!!!
Seconds out!!

1) The round starts cagey but Geale is definitely the busier of the two, Geale is pressing and manages to land a left hook to the body followed by a right, this doesnt seem to faze Mudine who immediately returns fire. Its close but Geale edges the opener for me.10-9

2)Mundines corner are unhappy with their fighter waiting to land, He starts the second round faster and lands a couple of nice jabs only to be caught straight back with a sharp right..Mundines round.19-19

3)The round is halted a couple of times and Mundine is warned for use of the head, Geale is using his faster foot work to stay out of range, fleeting in and out and landing some solid shots, Aside from the two headbutts and an uppercut towards the end Mundine didnt do much. Geales round. 29-28

4)Geale seems to have found his range as well as confidence and is starting to let his hands go..mundine is too throwing plenty of good shots but Geale wins the round on pure work rate. 39-37

5) I think Geale thinks hes found his rythm only to take a sweet right hand, Mundine is upping his game and now catches |Geale with a left, Geale has slowed his pace Mundines round. 48-47

6) This is the most even round of the fight, Geale looks slick and his upper body movement is putting him into some great positions but hes not throwing enough, Mundine again gets a warning(head)but has done enough to narrowly edge this one. 57-57

7) The fight seems to be swinging into Mundines favour, hes landing some solid shots and is out workign Geale, who himself now gets a warning for heads...The fight may turn into MMA as Mundine is warned for using his forearm Mundines best work yet, 66-67(Mundine leads)

8) Decent round for both fighters, this fight is really anyones for the taking and Mundine throws his arm aloft to gesture he belives he is ahead, hes correct on my score card 75-77

9) Geale seems to gave found his second wind and is really digging in with his shots, not much to note in this round but Geale wins for me. 85-86

10) Mundine seems to be struggling to keep up with the pace and Geale is out working him by a country mile,Mundine looks to have peaked too soon, Geales round 96-96

11) Geale is really turning the screw..hes boxing really really well behind his stiff jab that is finding the target everytime its thrown, His combinations look slick, he looks more the champion as the fight wears on, Geales round 106-105

12)Mundine seems to be in survival mode waiting on the ropes, tucking up and just taking shots without really throwing back!! The champion is certainly not resting on his laurels and its non stop throwing till the final bell, Geales round.116-114 Title retained By Daniel Geale
Actual Scores- 116-111  117-111   117-112

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