Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Can Prescott talk his way back to the top?

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

Columbian light-welterweight Breidis Prescott (26-4, 20 KO's) has taken it upon himself this week to call out two of the biggest names in the 140lb division in an attempt to squeeze himself back into the world title picture.

Prescott is best known for exposing the chin of British star Amir Khan back in 2008, knocking the 2004 Olympian out in the first round. However, since then the 29-year old has struggled to keep the momentum going, losing to Khan victim Paul McCloskey and Mike Alvarado. His last two fights have been wins and they were decent performances. But unfortunately for the Miami-based power-puncher, it hasn't pushed him anywhere near to a world title shot. Realising this he has gone out there and got some attention from the media by calling out two of the top names at light-welter, starting on Sunday with Lucas Matthysse.

Iron-fisted Argentinian Matthysse proved once again why he is one of the most avoided fighters in the world on Saturday (January 26th) when he blasted out his over-matched opponent Mike Dallas Jr in less than a round. With Garcia Vs Judah being pushed back to April, the chances of Garcia-Matthysse taking place this year have become very unlikely. So the WBC interim champion now has a gap to fill over the next few months and Prescott wants to be the man to fill that gap.

Prescott, a pretty powerful puncher himself, was respectful of Matthysse's impressive performance but he believes that if they chose to stand and trade Matthysse would be the one laying "face first looking at the canvas."

In my opinion, the most a fight with Prescott would be for Matthysse is a sideways step. Prescott might be a slightly bigger name than Dallas, but is he a step up in terms of class? I think the outcome of a KO for Matthysse would be inevitable once again. The only slightly interesting thing about the fight would be that Prescott does pack a bit of power. But Matthysse is the harder hitter, smarter guy and just all-round better boxer.

After seeing that most people just laughed off the prospect of a fight with Matthysse, Prescott then turned his attentions to Amir 'King' Khan. Now this is a fight I wouldn't actually mind seeing. Prescott is a step up from Carlos Molina who Khan faced back in December and once again we would be on the edge of our seats anticipating Khan to get wobbled by one of Prescott's bombs. But unfortunately this fight looks very unlikely to happen anytime soon.

I can't see Khan and his team going anywhere near a man like Prescott for the next few months. Its just too risky at the moment. One more KO loss would put an instant end to any hopes of regaining a world title.

So to answer the question, unfortunately for Prescott it looks like he's not going to be able to get himself back until the world title picture anytime soon. He's still only 29, so he can actually box himself back up the rankings. If he can land a fight with a fringe contender like himself an emphatic win could get him to where he wants to be. So its not all over for the 'Khanqueror.

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