Sunday, 9 December 2012

Pacquiao KO'd in the 6th round! Marquez fights the perfect game-plan!

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

Manny Pacquiao Vs Juan Manuel Marquez 4... The stage was set. The two men stood face-to-face with nothing but desperation in their eyes. Desperation for proof that they were the better fighter. With all the controversy surrounding the first three fights both men were certain that they would end this with a KO. With the amount of times we heard this, we too were expecting this to finish with a knockout, but we were not expecting this.

The fight was nip and tuck for the first 6 rounds with both fighters touching the canvas. In the 6th round Pacquiao was one point up and well on his way to taking this round too, until the unthinkable happened. Marquez threw the right hand over the top once more and this time it connected perfectly with Pacquiao's jaw. It was clear from the moment that the 'Pacman' hit the canvas that this fight was over. Marquez had got the redemption he so badly craved. Justice had prevailed!

It was the perfect game-plan from the Mexican. He told us that he had been preparing for this for almost a year and all the hard work and effort he put in paid off. He and his team came up with the game-plan to stop the formidable Manny Pacquiao.

There were a few worrying moments when Pacquiao lied unconscious on the canvas but the Filipino eventually came around and rose back to his feet. You could see the respect between the two men when they embraced at the end of the fight, with the rivalry put firmly behind them.   

It truly is the end of an unforgettable saga between these two men. Only this fight could happen four times and still surprise us in such a fashion. And I really do hope this is the last time we see these two men in the ring together.
It has been fantastic whilst it's lasted and, like I said, will never be forgotten. But Bob Arum's suggestions of a 5th, and maybe even 6th, fight are just ridiculous. The score has been settled here tonight and I think both fighters should just move on knowing that they gave it everything they had. We don't want to see them fighting when they're washed up old men in boring fights that don't even compare to what they have given us in these four fights.

There's still a world of opportunities out there for both men. Pacquiao should take his time and return against a lower level fighter. Someone like Brandon Rios would be the perfect opponent for the 33-year old's comeback. Rios is desperate for a fight like this and it would give Pacquiao the opportunity to prove he still has what it takes. There's also still chance of a rematch with Timothy Bradley and maybe even the Mayweather fight is more likely now. There's no point in it but it has become more likely.

For Marquez, well... This guy is in a fantastic position. 39-years old and he is now coming off of the biggest win of his entire career. There's so many fights out there for him and I can't see many people beating him for another few years. He fought and looked like a beast tonight and there really was no stopping him. Maybe it was just because this fight meant so much to him, but I'm hoping he can keep it up for at least another few fights.

The boxing world continues to flourish and the superstars that have dominated for so long continue to remain at the top of the sport. With the "old men" still keeping hold of their top spots and the young superstars desperate to take their place, the boxing world can only get better and better!

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