Saturday, 1 December 2012

Another early night for Price!

Its almost becoming boring to write about David Price's fights. They all end with the same outcome. Some people thought that this fight would be different. I even picked Price to win in the later rounds as his opponent Matt Skelton lacked skill but was considered to be an extremely durable fighter. This fight did actually last twice as long as Price's last fight but guess what... That was only 2 rounds.

We have to give Skelton his due. He did come to fight, and put up more of an effort than Pricey's last few opponents. The 45-year old rushed out of his corner at the first bell and Price was forced to retreat back to the ropes. I scored the first round to Skelton but there were already signs of Price starting to land his power shots. The second round started the same but Skelton's pressure didn't last long. Skelton took a lot of Price's shots and seemed un-phased until he took a long left hook to the body. After a few more punches he fell down to the canvas and did not manage to beat the count. Even if he did, the corner had already thrown the towel in. 

That's enough about the fight, there's not much else I can say about it really... The more important topic is where he goes next. 

There's the obvious one, the fight most people want to see; David Price Vs Dereck Chisora. I believe that this is a fight that has to happen. Price needs the test and did look open to pressure even against an ageing and very slow Matt Skelton tonight. Chisora, if he turns up in shape, would be the toughest test of the 29-year old's career. 
I'd struggle to pick a clear winner in this fight. Price would obviously be the huge favourite with most people but Chisora, as he has shown plenty times before, is a tough fight for anyone. His pressure would trouble Price, I have no doubt about that. But it just depends how long he can keep it up for. Or how long Price takes to start adapting to his style.

Like I said, if a 45-year old Matt Skelton can land shots on Price then 'Del Boy' will definitely be able to. Unfortunately Chisora doesn't have the power to match his pressure and if he wasn't 100% fit then he would definitely slow down in the later rounds. 

When you look at Chisora's last few opponents, this would definitely show us what level Price is at. If he can do better than Klitschko, Helenius, Haye etc then we know that he is a very, very serious contender.

There's not really any other British heavyweights out there for Price (Fury and Haye are out of the picture) at the moment so this is his only option, and we've already been told that this fight can be made. If he wins then its just on to bigger and better things for Liverpudlian fan favourite. At the rate he is currently going at, he has the potential to conquer the world.

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97 -

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