Saturday 1 December 2012

Freddie Flintoff makes his debut! - Hopefully its a one-off.

Right, I'm just going to start off by saying congratulations to Freddie Flintoff for even stepping in between those ropes because it takes true bravery and determination to do that. I know he's been training hard and he did look in fantastic condition, but please Freddie, do not get back in the ring!

You won the fight tonight, you trained for months and months and got in the best physical shape possible and then won the fight in front of your friends, family and fans. So let's just leave it on a high.

I must say, I did enjoy watching the fight. I did have a slight sense of excitement inside me in the build up but if any other professional boxers had fought like that in the ring then I would not have watched. Flintoff was very eager, a bit too eager, and you could tell he wanted to hit the guy. Unfortunately that wasn't happening. He was the aggressor but by far the inferior boxer. Which is terrible to say considering Richard Dawson was very poor too. 
I also have to take my hat off to Flintoff for instantly recovering from the knockdown he suffered in the 2nd round. That was proof of just how hard he had trained for this. You could not fault his fitness. 

Dawson didn't even seem interested. Even when he knocked Flintoff down he just stayed on the back foot and tied up every time Freddie put the pressure on. This was probably a good thing for Flintoff and the fans as an aggressive fight would have probably knocked "Big Fred" out tonight.

Let's say Flintoff was "lucky" to be given the fight by scores of 39-38, but in terms of heart and who wanted it to more, he deserved to win without a doubt.

It has been a great experience for Freddie Flintoff. He's done exactly what he wanted to do. Let's just hope he finishes it here on a high with no regrets. He can always remain a part of the sport, just not fighting in the ring. 

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97 -

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