Sunday, 21 October 2012

Quillin Vs N'Dam - My Fight Of The Year!

It's not often you go into a fight a fan of one man, not really knowing the other, and at the end of the fight become a massive fan of the guy opposite him in the ring. But last night (October 20th) was one of those moments. 

Peter Quillin Vs Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam... Now obviously Quillin was the favourite going into this fight as he is expected to be "The Next Big Thing" in the middleweight division, but there was also a bit of hype surrounding his opponent. I hadn't actually seen much of N'Dam before this fight so I was interested to see what he would be like. I was expecting something good between these two guys, but nothing like what actually happened.

N'Dam was knocked down a total of six times throughout the twelve rounds and still managed to make it a close fight for me and a lot of other boxing fans out there. The judges scorecards were very wide (all 115-107 in favour of Quillin) but we had to expect that with the fight being in Quillin's "back yard." I actually had the fight scored 114-112 to Quillin, and looking through Twitter, most people only had a couple of points in it. One thing I must stress, in case you didn't see the fight, is that N'Dam actually dominated most of the action and rounds but just couldn't handle Quillin's power. They were only flash knockdowns and he recovered fantastically from each one but obviously for every time he went down, he lost a point. So that means at least six points had to be deducted from his final score.

It was one of those fights where you just could not take your eyes off the screen. N'Dam would be floored twice in one round and then be pressuring and wearing down Quillin in the next. It really was brilliant to watch. You have to have massive respect for N'Dam's fitness and most importantly heart, but you must also give credit to Quillin's devastating power, especially in his left-hook. If he wants to become an elite fighter in this middleweight division he is going to have to throw that left hand a lot! He isn't the best technical fighter out there. His feet are slow, his defence isn't too good but you cannot fault his power.

There is no doubt in my mind that we will see both of these fighters in world-class fights again very soon. N'Dam may have lost but he made a very good name for himself and probably increased his fan-base massively! Quillin can now make another step up the ladder towards the top of the middleweight division.

It truly was brilliant to be able to witness this fight last night. It was the highlight of a fantastic Fight Night from Brooklyn. It's fights like this that just cement boxing as the best sport in the world. It truly was boxing at it's best!

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

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