Sunday, 21 October 2012

Brook gets rid of Saldivia in three!

'The Special One' Kell Brook looked a completely different man in the ring last night (20th October). It's fair to say that he did struggle at times in his last fight in June of this year against Carson Jones, and this, as explained by Brook, was due to bad preparation. During the build-up to this fight the Brit repeatedly claimed that everything was perfect this time. Like most people, I wouldn't believe it until I saw it. And last night we did see it!

Brook looked like a completely different man right from the starting bell. The change of nutrition, diet and training scheme all seemed to pay off. Saldivia, who is known for his strength and power, was stunned early when Brook sent him down to the canvas with a strong and sharp uppercut.

There weren't really any scares from Saldivia except for at the end of the second round. He threw a few swinging shots that seemed to knock Brook off balance for a split-second, but unfortunately for the Argentine, that was it. Brook continued to dominate in the third round and actually finished the fight with a short jab. The 26-year old just flung it out as Saldivia rushed in and sent him crashing to the canvas once again. This time Saldivia did not manage to recover in time and the referee stopped the fight.

In my opinion, there is only one thing that we learnt from this fight... Kell Brook is now ready for world level. Saldivia is not a spectacular, world class fighter but the fashion Brook beat him in was spectacular and world class. 

It looks almost certain that Brook will now face Devon Alexander for the IBF welterweight world title. A few months ago I would have said that Brook wasn't ready for this shot but now I can confidently say he is. I think Alexander will cause him a lot of trouble but if Brook turns up in tip-top condition he can become the next British welterweight world champion!

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

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