Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ricky Burns Vs Kevin Mitchell - Fighters & Fans Reaction

Leading up to the highly anticipated fight between Ricky Burns and Kevin Mitchell this weekend (September 22nd) many boxing experts, fans and even fighters themselves thought that it was going to be a highly competitive fight that was destined for a close decision.

When I asked for people's predictions on Twitter, this is what I got:

@BillWHU: Mitchell knock out! Come on Super Kev!

@IJSmith86: And STILL, the WBO lightweight champion of the world. Ricky Burns on pts. UD. 

@Mutchiebluenose: I think Mitchell will win tonight points or a late stoppage.

@Dale1984s: 50-50 fight but think Burns might push it with home support.

@VerityB90: Close call but I think Mitchell will do it, late stoppage.

@adam_canavan: Ricky Burns wide UD, I don't even think it'll be close. I may be proved wrong
                               later but I don't think so.

@boxingviper: Ricky Burns by late stoppage or UD tonight. #ComeOnRickyLad

Here is what some of boxing's well-known personalities thought:

Undefeated Commonwealth welterweight champion Denton Vassell (@DentonVassell) said: "To be honest I say to the guy who's trained the hardest and who wants it more. The best to both of them and good luck!!"

British heavyweight prospect Dillian Whyte (@DillianWhyte) kept it short and sweet: "I think it's a 50-50 fight."

Former British cruiserweight champion Shane McPhilbin (@ShaneMcPhilbin) said: "Mitchell by split decision."

Newly turned pro Scott Moonan (@Scott_Moonan) also thought Mitchell would be the victor: "Mitchell round 10 KO."

Undefeated light-heavyweight prospect Callum Johnson (@CallumTheOne) could not pick a winner: "To be honest mate I really don't know. It's a true 50/50 fight, I think they're both capable of winning the fight."

Quickly rising British promoter David Coldwell was the same: "Mate, I really can't seperate them! Can make a case for both of them winning & just can't be confident in picking one way or the other! Can't wait for it tho!

Tyson Fury's trainer and uncle Peter Fury (@PeterFury) said: "Burns. By airs breath very close can go either way but Burns for me."

So as you can see from the completely slit predictions above, it came as a big shock when Burns stopped Mitchell after just four rounds. Here is what people thought after the fight:

@bferguson4: Great performance from Ricky and thoroughly deserved victory. That left hook was

@joemac2a: Burns elevated himself to an elite level. Stadiums, big fights in Vegas. Sky's the limit

@DrUppercut: Ricky Burns looked great and proved he is ready for a big time money making 

@bluejon71: Credit where it's due, shocked me there, fan of Mitchell but Burns has improved so
                      much, World Class!

@Mutchiebluenose: Fair played Burns on that performance, he is up there with the best, never 
                                   thought of him as a puncher, proved me wrong.

Fighters, experts and other boxing personalities were also very impressed with Burns' performance:

BoxNation pundit and journalist Steve Lillils (@SteveLillis) said: "Burns was just brilliant. Nothing Mitchell could do."

British heavyweight contender Tyson Fury (@Tyson_Fury) was happy with how the fight turned out: "Just like to say I told u so. Burns just KO'd Mitchell! Up the Celts!"

Ricky Hatton did not see the fight but found out exactly what happened from the #boxingheads on Twitter: "Not seen the Mitchell/Burns fight but I believe it was great.. 4th round stoppage for Burns. So much respect for the champion Ricky has become."

Former world champion and boxing manager Barry McGuigan (@ClonesCyclone) was ecstatic with Burns' performance: "Amazing result for Ricky Burns winning by TKO against Kevin Mitchell. Congrats to Ricky and commiserations to Kevin" 

Kevin Mitchell (@KevinMitchell6) was upset with the result but was gracious in defeat: "Sorry 2 all my fans I wasn't myself in there and me camp went perfect!! I will be bk."

The champion himself, Ricky Burns (@ricksterko) was just thankful for everything that happened that night: "Thank you's all so much for the messages, was a great nite! Well done to all boxers n teams that put the show together! What a nite!!

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