Saturday, 30 June 2012

Simpson KO's Appleby!

New Celtic champion John Simpson.
Last night (June 29th), the highly anticipated rematch between John Simpson and Paul Appleby took place. The first fight was very close, with non-stop action and everyone was expecting this to be the same. The title on the line was the Celtic lightweight title and the entirely Scottish crowd, at the Kelvin Hall, were hostile.

We were all expecting an all-out war and the two fighters did not disappoint. There was more action in six rounds than there is in most 12-rounders. The fight was scheduled for 10, but it was clear from the beginning that there was no chance of it going the distance.

Simpson started very well and it looked like it was going to be an early night for him. But, Appleby being his usual self, did not give up and he managed to squeeze his way back into the fight. From the third round onwards, the two men just stood toe-to-toe and slugged away at each other. It reminded me of a slightly scrappier version of the Pacquiao-Marquez fights.

When it got to the 6th round, it looked as though both fighters had hardly anything left in the tank, but they continued to fight on. The knockdown actually came as a shock as Appleby was actually coming on strong. Simpson landed a sold shot that stiffened Appleby's legs. He took a knee and managed to rise back up to his feet. But what came next, was shocking to watch for anyone. Simpson landed a solid back hand and sent Appleby crashing to the canvas. But it wasn't the usual knock out that you see everyday. It looked as though he was falling in slow motion.

The question that everybody is asking now is... What does Appleby have left?

The guy has been in so many wars it's unrel. I don't think I've ever seen him in a boring fight. Whilst this is very exciting for the fans, it will take his toll on him very soon. Too many wars and he could be left punch-drunk or seriously hurt in the future. I think he needs to take a long and peaceful rest and decide if he wants to continue fighting. I'm sure he will!

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