Friday, 29 June 2012

Interview with Tyson Fury

This week's interview is with the Irish heavyweight champion
Tyson Fury...

How is your preparation going for your fight with Vinny Maddalone on July 7th?

Preparation spot on, I'm 9% body fat. Great shape! 8 weeks on fire!!

Are you happy with your opponent or would you prefer to be fighting a more well-known fighter?

I don't chose opponents. Hennessy does that, I'm ready for anyone. We tried for Banks, but fell through.

Other than yourself... Who do you think is the best heavyweight in Britain right now?

Best HW in Britain Dillian Whyte.

How did you get into boxing?

Got into Boxing as I my Dad & uncles were Boxers.

Who inspired you when you were just starting out? 

My inspiration was my Dad, I wanted to show my Dad I'm gonna be HW champ of the world!

Is there anyone that you specifically want to fight this year?

Not bothered who I fight this year, line em up I'll put em over.

If either of the Klitschko's offered you a fight at the end of this year.. Would you take it?

I've been offered fights with Klichkos, I'll take a world title when my team say I'm ready, I want to win not make a challenge. 

Do you see David Price as a potential future opponent for you?

Of course, Price keep winning that's gonna be big fight down the road.

Haye Vs Chisora... Do you think it should be happening? And who do you think will win?

Haye v Chisora, haye better Boxer, exp to keep away. Chisora needs to show him no respect and keep the pressure then chisora can win.

Would you be willing to fight the winner?

Sure I'd fight the winner, I've put out the challenge on Youtube, go see it. Lol.

What is your prediction for your fight with Maddalone?

Maddalone prediction, I'm gonna win in style.

What are your aims and objectives for the future?

Future plans to work flat out till I'm champion of the world.

FAN ZONE: (Questions from our fans):

Do you think that you are the best heavyweight in Britain?

I'm the best HW in the world never mind the uk!

Why did you chose to vacate your belts?

I vacated belts as a Biusness move, and I wanted the Irish Title, personal to me.

What made you decide to change your stance for the Rogan fight?

We did southpaw as a game plan for Rogan, also to send out a message to all other HWs I can do it all!!!

Finally, I'd just like to see a big thanks to Tyson Fury for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak to us.

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