Thursday 7 June 2012

Pacquiao Vs Bradley Final Press Conference: Full Coverage

Yesterday (June 6th) Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley met once again for the final press conference for their highly anticipated superfight on June 9th. Both men seemed very relaxed and showcased a calm confidence. 

It was the trainers that were first to step up and talk but the usually animated Joel Diaz and Freddie Roach didn't have much to say. Diaz claimed that Bradley "is 100% ready" and that his fighter is going to cause the "upset of the decade."

Roach said: "It's gonna be great fighting an undefeated, resilient guy." He also explained that Pacquiao may still have some distractions but they have managed to get rid of a lot of them: "We got rid of a lot of distractions. We got some new distractions that are much better." These new distractions are Pacquiao's "spiritual awakening" and bible study instead of his old distractions such as gambling and bizarre night life.

Bob Arum was next to talk on the microphone. He started of with his usual bigging-up of his star fight Manny Pacquiao. Comparing him to Muhammad Ali because of the impact he has had on the sport. But, he also showed a lot of respect to Bradley, which is unusual for Arum.

"I knew he was something special in the ring, but I didn't realise what a wonderful young man he was... If all athletes could be like him, the sport of boxing would really be on the pinnacle of everybody's attention," said Arum.

Both of the fighters were careful and calm with their words but still showed that are very confident going into the fight on Saturday. Bradley said: "Training camp was hell. I've never trained this hard. I'll do whatever it takes to win this fight." He then shook Pacquiao's hand and thanked him for the opportunity. However, 'Dessert Storm' did have one trick to pull. He presented an oversized novelty ticket and poster for a rematch that will happen on November 10th if Bradley wins on Saturday. 

Pacquiao also claimed that he was training harder than ever before for this fight: "I keep pushing, pushing, more rounds. Because I know Bradley is hungry and inspired to train hard... I'm pretty sure that on Saturday we can give a good fight. It will be a good fight. I will fight a good fight."

Below are some pictures from the press conference:

Lay-out for press conference.

Pacquiao shows off diamond ring awarded by Bob Arum.

Bradley presents novelty ticket for rematch.

Bradley shakes Pacquiao's hand.

Pacquiao and Bradley pose for the cameras.

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