Thursday, 7 June 2012

BJ Flores calls out Lateef Kayode...

No.2 WBO, No.4 WBC & No.4 WBA ranked cruiserweight Bj Flores.
Highly ranked cruiserweight BJ Flores is desperately trying to land a fight with Nigerian powerhouse Lateef Kayode. Flores was watching with intent on Saturday night when Kayode took on Antonio Tarver in highly competitive fight. 

"The cruiserweight division is definitely starting to heat up," said Flores, who has probably been the most active world rated cruiserweight in the past year or so. "Both guys fought well and Tarver started a little slow but came on down the stretch. He definitely hurt Kayode and showed he can still punch. The decision being a draw was just. I was leaning towards Tarver but this fight was good for the division. Both guys fought well."

Lateef Kayode.
One of the fighters is on Flores' radar and he wasted no time in calling him out.

"I want to make a formal challenge to Kayode. This is a fight between two top world rated cruiserweights both trying to get into position for the world title. I need a fight like this to make a statement. A dangerous fight! A big fight between two Top 5 world rated guys on Showtime between us will be exciting and bring more notoriety to the cruiserweight division."

"It's no secret that I've wanted Kayode for a long time. After he beat Nick Iannuzzi. I contacted Gary Shaw promotions immediately for a match between us. Well, they went in another direction and I fought Iannuzzi next to make a statement. They said the timing wasn't right. I respect their decision. But now the time couldn't be more right! I have had 3 fights in 8 months and would love to fight Kayode next. He has shown improvements and this fight can be big. We can do it in Springfield, Missouri and sell 5000 seats with this on Showtime or any network! But the truth of the matter is I will fight you anywhere. I just want it to be known that the money is there and we can easily make this happen."

This seems like a fight that is realistic and easy to make. Most of the top guys at cruiserweight are scheduled to face mandatory defences or they are already in preparation for a fight. Both of these guys are free and they both have something to prove. If Kayode doesn't get a rematch with Antonio Tarver then this is the next best fight out there for him.

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