Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Team Golovkin ready to pursue fight with Sturm...

Golovkin and his new team at K2.
Gennady Golovkin and his team claim that they have been trying to force WBA middleweight champion Felix Sturm into a fight for the last two years and now they're are going to push even harder to get the fight after Golovkin just put on yet another dominant performance against Makoto Fuchigami who he stopped in just three rounds. Golovkin and his new promoters K2 are working to get the WBA to finally push Sturm into a mandatory defence.

"At this point, Sturm is running out of options. Sturm, at this time, holds the record for being a champion the longest without having a mandatory defence. Two years ago, Gennady was the interim champion and Sturm was the WBA champion. Sturm then got elevated to super champion. For the last two years, Gennady has been trying to fight him," said Tom Loeffler of K2.

WBA middleweight champ Felix Sturm.
Golovkin (23-0, 23 KO's) has recently taken the middleweight division by storm and many people believe that he is already good enough to challenge pound-for-pound contender Sergio Martinez. But, he doesn't want to rush in too fast so a fight with the likes of Sturm or another world champ is a lot more sensible at this moment in time. 

The big question is, whether Sturm would be willing to take such a dangerous fight. A few of his recent fights with the likes of Matthew Macklin and Martin Murray have seen him come very close to losing his title and Golovkin is a level above them already. At the age of 33 he is still in great condition and stronger than ever after his dominant performance against Sebastian Zbik, but in 23 fights Golovkin has not lost a round and has never looked in trouble.

This is a potential fight of the year and if it does happen I guarantee that every boxing fan will want to see it. My prediction for the fight is that it would be very close but Golovkin would have too much power and skill for the older opponent and end up winning by a late KO.

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