Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ward Vs Dawson looking even more likely...

Andre Ward                                 Chad Dawson
According to reports, pound-for-pound contender Andre Ward has contacted the WBC and asked them to reinstate him as the full world champion instead of the "champion in recess." The reason for this is that he is looking to take part in a 'super-fight' with light-heavyweight world champion Chad Dawson.

This means that the fight is almost a definite for September 8th and it also means that it will be Dawson who moves down in weight as the fight will be for the WBC super-middleweight title. Dawson's trainer John Scully has said that he is not very happy about Dawson dropping to super-middleweight as he hasn't fought at that weight since 2006. But, 'Bad' Chad is obviously ignoring this advice as he has said on numerous occasions that he is willing to drop from 175lb to 168lb.

The WBC had ordered a vacant title fight between interim champ Nikola Sjekloca and super-middleweight contender Anthony Dirrell, but Dirrell has been involved in a motorcycle accident that has put him out of action for around six months. According to promoter Yvon Michel, the WBC is waiting to see how long Dirrell will be out for before they make a move.

No matter what happens with the titles, Ward Vs Dawson is almost a definite fight for September and it is looking very likely that it will happen at super-middleweight. With the WBC world title on the line, it would be a lot more interesting. But, either way, it is a good and interesting fight.

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