Saturday, 5 May 2012

Dawson willing to move down to fight Ward...

'Bad' Chad Dawson.
WBC light-heavyweight champion Chad Dawson has revealed that he is tired of fighting older opponents and he wants to challenge some of the best fighters in the world. Starting with the No.1 super-middleweight and top pound-for-pound contender Andre Ward. Dawson has even said that he is willing to move down to 168 to make the fight happen.

No.1 Super-middleweight Andre Ward.
"I can make 168. 175 is where I'm at and I'm on top of the division. I can make 168 so any of the guys down there, any of the big names, I'm ready for it," said the 29-year old.

The 'old' opponents that Dawson is talking about are Bernard Hopkins, Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson who were all beaten by 'Bad' Chad. All of these fighters are way past their best so Dawson probably feels that he still hasn't properly proved himself. This is why he is looking to seek out new challenges at super-middlweight. However, he has said that he would stay at light-heavyweight if he gets the opportunity to fight the winner of Tavoris Cloud Vs Jean Pascal.

Pascal is the only person that has beaten Dawson in his 32-fight career. The fight was stopped because of a cut and had to go to the scorecards early. Pascal was the clear winner but 'Bad' Chad did have the Frenchman in trouble towards the end of the fight. The Cloud-Pascal fight takes place on August 11th which is a problem as Dawson has already said that he wants to return to the ring in September, so the fight that we will likely see is Dawson Vs Ward.

Personally, I think a clash with Ward would be a lot better for boxing fans and the two fighters as they will know if either of them can mix it up with the best of a different weight division. Ward will likely have a little too much for Dawson but it has the potential to be a great fight.

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