Saturday 5 May 2012

'Ring Kings' - Weigh-In Results, Details & Quotes...


The day has finally come! Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Miguel Cotto and Saul Alvarez Vs Shane Mosley... It is expected to be the one of the biggest nights of boxing in the past 100 years. Something that supports this argument is the capacity for the weigh-in. Over 5,000 fans were there just to watch the fighters step on the scales. That number of fans is more than most prizefights attract.

Anyway, we will have more hype and build up for the fight later on, but now we will just give you all of the details and results from yesterday's weigh-in.

Alvarez and Mosley both looked in very good condition for as they walked onto the stage. Mosley was the first to step onto the scales and to his astonishment he was 1/2lb over the maximum weight (154). He was given an hour to shed it off. 'Canelo' weighed exactly 154lb and he looked stronger and healthier than he ever has before. Even for the chief support weigh-in the atmosphere was amazing. But, you could tell when
Mayweather and Cotto had entered the room. The crowd went crazy for both fighters although there were some boo's for Mayweather.

'Money' Mayweather was first to step on the scales and he weighed in at the heaviest he has ever been in his 42 fight career, but he seemed very happy to see 151lb come up on the scales. Cotto tipped the scales at 154lb and he looked a little dry which means he may have struggled to get down to the weight.

When the two fighters went face-to-face we finally got a bit of the trash-talking and tension we have been waiting for during the build-up to this fight. Neither of them moved a muscle for around a minute (except for Mayweather's vigorous chewing of his gum) until finally Mayweather opened his mouth and told Cotto what he has told every other fighter that has stood infront of him. "You can't beat Floyd Mayweather baby!" At first Cotto just shook his head but then after a few more harsh words from Mayweather he started to talk back. At one point it looked as if we were going to see the two of them have a fight 24 hours early until they were seperated by the entourages.

In the interviews with Max Kellerman both fighters had a lot to say. Mayweather told Kellerman that he felt comfortable at the weight and that Cotto looked a little 'dry'. Cotto claimed that he will give Mayweather all he can handle and more and that he had never been more ready for a fight.

I am personally very excited for this fight, more than I have been for any other fight this year, and what makes it even better is that we also get to see a few other great fights before the main event (Irish Prizefighter, McCloskey Vs Corley, Huck Vs Afolabi and Alvarez Vs Mosley).

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