Tuesday 3 April 2012

Marquez Vs Rios? Winner will fight Pacquiao?

Brandon Rios                                       Juan Manuel Marquez
On April 14th Juan Manuel Marquez and Brandon Rios are set to 
co-headline a HBO PPV event. Marquez will face Serhiy Fedchenko and 
Rios will be facing last minute step-in Richard Abril. The fight will 
take place in Las Vegas. Whilst both of these fights are relatively big, Top Rank are planning to stage two more fights leading from this 
show that are a lot bigger. 

There have been a lot of rumours recently that Marquez and Rios will 
meet in the ring at Cowboys Stadium in Texas providing they both win 
their fights in April. Bob Arum has repeatedly said that he wants this 
fight to happen but some people believe it is just a way to sell the underwhelming PPV on April 14th. 

Marquez giving Pacquiao more than he can handle.
Anyway, if the fight does happen, then fight fans all around the world will be extremely lucky as the winner could get a chance to fight Manny Pacquiao later this year.

Marquez will almost certainly jump at the chance to fight Pacquiao as 
he has been talking about it for a very long time and whilst this fight 
isn't Rios' main target, I'm sure he would also jump at the chance to step 
in the ring with somebody as great and as well-known as Manny Pacquiao. 

Of course, this fight can only happen if Pacquiao manages to beat 
Timothy Bradley on June 9th. If he doesn't, he will surely want to 
fight Bradley in a rematch in November. 

Many believe that if Marquez and Rios do meet in the squared circle it will be the fight of the year, and we all know how the fights between Marquez and Pacquiao go (non-stop action all the way through), and 
let's not forget Rios. Any fight that involves him will definitely be 

So to sum it all up... As long as Marquez and Rios win their fights on April 14th, we will all be treated with two amazing fights later this 

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