Tuesday 3 April 2012

Fury takes a shot at Haye whilst 'bigging' himself up...

Tyson Fury has taken a cheap shot at David Haye whilst bigging himself 
up in an interview. 

He has been locked away in Manchester training harder than he ever has 
before for his fight with Irish hard man Martin Rogan at the Odyssey Arena on April 14th, and he is very grateful for all the support from his 
loyal fan base. 

“The support that I have been getting is unbelievable. When I boxed in 
Belfast last year I got a fantastic reception wherever I went and on 
the night the atmosphere was amazing,” commented Fury. 

Irish warrior Martin Rogan.
Fury then went on to talk about himself: “Now the Irish fans are 
getting right behind me, they want to see me knock out Rogan. They know 
how good I am and they know a real Irish warrior when they see one. 
You’ll never see me sit on my stool and quit or complain about a bad 
toe - I’m the real deal. 

“Rogan probably thought that he would have all the support in the arena 
on April 14 but he’s in for a shock because I’m going to feed off the 
great support that is coming my way. 

“I’m very proud of my Irish roots, my uncle lives just outside Belfast, 
so there’s going to be great support for me and I will do them proud by 
knocking out wee Rogie. 

“He’s a proud guy and I’m sure he’ll give it his best but when you look 
at the two of us there’s a big difference in class and that will be the 
difference on the night.” 

Now that Fury has proved he is of Irish origin, he wants his next 
couple of fights to be on Irish soil until he manages to get a world 
title shot. 

“The Irish fans are just fantastic, I really feel at home there. The 
Odyssey Arena is going to be packed out, the tickets are flying and 
after I beat Rogan I know the fans will want to come back again and 
again because they will have a world class heavyweight to support. 

“Bringing a World heavyweight title fight to Irish soil would be very 
special and there’s nobody else can do that except me.”

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