Thursday, 15 March 2012

Chisora Speaks Out About Ban

'Ex-Professional' Dereck Chisora.
So if you read our earlier article about Dereck Chisora's ban situation you will know that he has had his license revoked  for 'at least a few years.' At the time we wrote it, Chisora had not yet voiced his opinion publicly... But he has now.

When asked about the ban, Chisora told The Sun: ''I,m bitterly disappointed my license to box was taken away by the board. Right now I am an ex-professional trying to earn a living.''
He added: ''There is no time limit on how long the board plan to keep me from fighting but at the same time. I understand I can re-apply for my license at any time aswell.''

He then went on to talk about his future in boxing: ''My dream has always been to win the World Heavyweight Title and of course the punishment dished out is a big set back to me achieving those aims... But I will be back in the gym even though I do not know when the board will grant me a new license to box... I don't for one minute think it will be hard to motivate myself in the gym even though my promoter Frank Warren cannot plan for any bouts in the immediate future.''

Chisora apologised again for his bad behavior in Munich: ''I am already on record as saying I bitterly regret what happened in Germany, and if anyone wants to hear it again; Im sorry.''

There have been a few rumors flying around that Chisora may plan to leave the country and fight some place else but we can be sure that one place he won't be heading for a very long time is a World title fight.

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