Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Rios to face Abril instead of Gamboa!

On April 14th Brandon Rios will now face Richard Abril. Rios was set to participate in a highly anticipated bout between himself and Yuriorkis Gamboa but Gamboa shockingly withdrew from the fight and is now likely to be sued by Top Rank.

Rios' opponent Richard Abril.
Gamboa is in serious danger of ending up in a tremendously bad financial spot seeing as he doesn't have a very big fan-base which means he won't get much support and the money Top Rank will try and claim will almost definitely be very big!

Going back to the fight... Abril (17-2-1) will in no way shape or form make up for the absence of Gamboa but he will likely make it an entertaining bout and he always 'comes to fight.'

 Despite his big decision win over Miguel Acosta, Abril is still not a Top 10 lightweight and Rios' fans have specifically said that after his 5 wins in a row they want to see their fighter in the ring with a 'next step' opponent.

Refunds are available but I doubt that they will be many people asking for one. After all a fight is a fight and it's not like it will be a walk-over win for Rios.

Well... Richard Abril definitely won't see it that way.

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