Sunday 12 May 2013

The Fans Have Voted - Will Gonzalez be back?

After 6 or 7 rounds of the WBO lightweight title bout between Ricky Burns and Jose Gonzalez in Scotland last night, we all thought we were about to witness the birth of a new superstar when Gonzalez seemed to be cruising to victory against the champion. However, after a big 7th round for the Puerto Rican the momentum switched and Burns took the fight to the clearly-gassed Gonzalez. The same followed in round 9 and a massive shock came at the end of the round when Gonzalez retired on his stool and threw away what could be the biggest opportunity of his life.

It's now the day after the fight and Gonzalez is still the main talking point for most of the boxing community on Twitter. People are wondering if we will see him back bigger and better or is he going to end up as a wasted talent? So we decided to ask our Twitter followers (@BoxingOpinions1) what they believe the future holds for Jose Gonzalez:

To bounce back bigger and better - 75%

To disappear off the radar - 25%

So as you can see from the vote, most people believe that we did actually witness the birth of a future contender last night. It may have been in a controversial way, and certainly not the way Gonzalez would have wanted, but at least he has been noticed now which can only be a good thing.

I personally do think this will be much-needed experience and a big learning curve for Jose Gonzalez, and we will see him get his hands on a world title in the future. It was clear to see last night that he was the superior boxer, he just lost out on experience and heart to a true champion in Ricky Burns.

Here is how some of our followers see the future going for Gonzalez:

@Faz2190 - He's a beast, he will be back for sure.

@glboxingfan - Hopefully he comes back. A lot of what-ifs about last night and he proved he is a very good fighter.

@adam_canavan - Last time in a massive fight IMO. Makes money fighting nobodies and is high risk low reward.

@Daidavies86 - I'm not quite sure. He's got some serious skills but you can't teach how to have a heart when it gets tough.

@garyalder321 - He didn't fight at the greatest pace and looked out on his feet after 7. Great skill, just more experienced required.

@DeclanCorr - It'd be a real shame if he didn't. How often do we see a fighter with such skills? God-given talent like that needs a stage. 

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