Tuesday 16 October 2012

Three more fighters join the TRAD TKO Gym!

Johnny Eames' forever growing stable at the TRAD TKO Gym has just grown a little more with the signing of three new fighters. 

Today Eames announced that heavyweights Damien Campbell and Paulius Kasiulevicius, and light-middleweight Tommy Williams will be joining his famous East London fight factory.

Both Campbell and Kasiulevicius boast very good amateur records. Campbell reached the final of the Senior ABA's twice, only losing out to David Price in 2005 and Tyson Fury in 2008. He turned pro in 2010 but has had only two fights since then (1 win and 1 draw) as he has been forced to take time out due to an eye problem. He is now said to be back in full training and on his way to tip-top condition. Lithuanian Kasiulevicius was National champion twice as an amateur.

Here is what Eames had to say about the new signings: "Two more big signings, and big being the appropiate word... First is Paulius Kasiulevicius, double Lithuanian heavyweight champion, 22 years of age."

"He's been with us a couple of weeks now, looks like he can really fight and being just twenty two, and with a lot of experience, there's more than half a chance we can do something big with him."

"The other is Damien Campbell, double ABA finalist, beaten by David Price and Tyson Fury, there's no disgrace in that. Getting on a bit now, Damien's 37, so probably have to be fastracked. He had to take a couple of years out with an eye problem, but has an all clear now from the board (BBBofC) and is ready to go."

"Damien has been up here a couple of years really, was with Bryan Lawrence, but since he's come back he's made the switch to the TRAD TKO, and yeah we're looking forward to seeing him back in action."

"The other kid we've just signed is Tommy 'The Albino' Williams. Light-middleweight, ginger as you like, ugly as you like, certainly won't lose any looks, that's for definite. He's such a good friend of Danny Connor, which cuts no ice here."

"Joking aside, Tommy's been working with Alec (Wilkey) for a little while now. He's had twenty odd amateur fights, definitely looks like he can fight and is a very welcome addition to the TRAD TKO squad and we're all looking forward to watching him fight in the very near future."

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

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