Sunday 9 September 2012

Interview With Scott Moonan

Scott Moonan makes his pro debut on October 5th at  Blackpool's winter gardens.

How is preparation going for your debut fight on October 5th?

Very well thank you its hard but no one said it would be easy they did say it would be worth it in the end though.

How did you get you into the sport of boxing?

I was into the weights then wanted to get fit and not took the gloves off since.

Will you be bringing a lot of fans to the Winter Gardens on fight night?

Yes me and Lee [Crossland] are hoping to get around 2 to 300 plus.

Who inspired you when you were just starting out as a boxer?

Always loved Mike Tyson he's the man.

How far do you think you can go in this sport?

The sky is the limit.

What are your aims and objectives for the near future?

Just aim to train and fight as much as I can and we just never know.

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