Friday 15 June 2012

Ortiz forgetting Berto... Only interested in Lopez, Alvarez and Mayweather

If former world title holder Victor Ortiz fulfils to the best of his potential, he could have a very good year ahead of him. The 25-year old could potentially have three top class fights before the year ends.

First, on the 23rd June, he will face Josesito Lopez in a non-title bout. Lopez was brought in as a late replacement for Andre Berto, who Ortiz now claims is no longer in his list of potential opponents, as the former world champ failed a drug test. This is not the most valuable fight Ortiz has ever had and it is definitely not the best fight he is going to have this year.

Things got even better for 'Vicious' recently. His promotional company, Golden Boy, have recently announced that the fans will get one of the best fights of the year on September 15th... Victor Ortiz against WBC light-middleweight champ Saul Alvarez. Personally, I think it is the best fight to be announced in recent years. Both fighters are young, hungry and desperate to prove themselves. It will also be the toughest test of 21-year old Alvarez's already spectacular career.

"You know, I actually don't have anything to prove to Berto, besides putting him to sleep on a second occasion," said Ortiz. "The only reason I ever agreed to fight him to begin with because there was a promise and a clause that if I beat Berto again, I would fight Mayweather. So I was all for it 110%."

There you go. Ortiz is 100% focused on his next two opponents, but there is also one other men that he desperately wants too fight. And that man is Floyd Mayweather Jr. 'Money' sucker punched and then knocked out Ortiz in their first fight, leaving 'Vicious' annoyed and desperate to get revenge.

"I strongly believe I have unfinished business with Floyd. I'm sure Floyd knows it too, he just tries to say he doesn't. At the end of the day though, the Floyd thing and everything is not what I'm working for right now. Josesito Lopez on June 23rd is and that's what it's going to be until June 23rd."

If everything goes well for Ortiz and he doesn't lose his head like he did in his fight with Mayweather, it could be a really good year for him.

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