Tuesday 13 March 2012

Boxer Hangs Himself Because Of Manager

Darren Sutherland with Manager and Promoter Frank Maloney.
2008 Olympic medalist Darren Sutherland, 27, was found hanged and with his wrists tied together at his flat in London 2009 by his manager and promoter Frank Maloney.

Now your probably wondering why we're writing about this two years after the incident but it has just recently been announced that his suicide attempt was because of Maloney. The day before he was found he had told his father that he was ''feeling low'' and ''losing confidence in his boxing,'' but he said that he could not give up or he would owe a large sum of money to Maloney and his name would be blackened.

Due to the fact that his wrists were tied together and that Frank Maloney was the one who found him Sutherland's family requested a second post mortem and Professor Jack Crane has raised concerns that there may have been third party involvement. The results have yet to be heard by the inquest.

In a statement read to the inquest Darren's father Mr Sutherland said ''He said he wished he had given up boxing when he got back from the Olympics... He said that if he gave up he would have to pay Frank Maloney £75,000. He said Maloney would destroy him and his family, and he would never get a job with anyone else.''

Mr Sutherland also stated that his son wasn't happy with the way he was being trained by Brian Lawrence. ''Darren felt that his training was still not structured enough and Mr Lawrence did not have a good attitude, indeed he had a bad attitude towards Darren's training!''

It was also revealed that Darren was seriously worried about his upcoming pro fight at the time because he knew if he fought he would lose but if he didn't fight he would be in big trouble with his Manager and trainer.

When his body was found there was a note from friend and 'adviser' Declan Brennan.
The note read ''£75,000 plus V.A.T to Frank. Give car back. Give flat back. £100,000 in salary lost for the next two years... Frank will destroy you and your family in the media! They will hunt you down, take photos of you and write articles about how you f***ed up. He will destroy you for the rest of your life and he'll be right, you were given a god-given talent... You think you feel bad now, you have no idea how bad it's going to get. I will help you if you help yourself. Declan your pal.''

There has been no action taken yet and we are not sure where anything currently stands, the hearing continues.

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