Sunday 10 February 2013

The Jackal Strikes in 9!

By @thefightscore

Carl Frampton vs Kiko Martinez - European and IBF Intercontinental Super Bantamweight Titles

On a wild night at Belfast's Odyssey Arena. Carl Frampton gave the performance of his career as he ripped the European Super-Bantamweight title away from tough Spaniard Kiko Matinez after 9 pulsating rounds. Frampton known as "The Jackal" performed so calm as he was put under so much pressure from the experienced champion. Those first four rounds was probably Frampton's toughest of his career as he was continually on the back foot using his speed of hand and foot to keep Martinez off him.

At the weigh-in the previous day Martinez gave Frampton the old cut throat gestures obviously hoping to get under his younger opponents skin. What was impressive was the way Frampton (8st 9 1/2 lbs) never deviated from his fight plan when he was under that pressure. I wrote in my notes that Frampton was boxing like an experienced fight, in fact Juan Manuel Marquez like. Martinez (8st 9lbs) came out in the first like a madman going after the Irishman. Frampton boxed beautifully though as he was able to jab and move whilst blocking most of Martinez shots. The second was better for the Spaniard as his left hook was beginning to land to the body slowing Frampton down. Frampton was also being kept on the ropes that little bit longer. More than enough for the Martinez to win the round on my card.

The third and the fourth were also close rounds to score. Frampton on my card took the third as again he was able to get that gap needed to deliver his own hooks and uppercuts. Martinez rallied in the fouth and looked to have rocked Frampton slightly near the end of the round with a left hook. Great fight.

The pace of the fight had to slow at some point and in the fifth Martinez definitely slowed down a bit. The Jackal was landing more in this round and even stood in front of the champion out slugging him. To my surprise Martinez came back stronger in the sixth. It now looked liked Frampton was tiring. Martinez work rate was immense especially against a younger fresher fighter. Round seven saw Frampton fight inside again with Martinez, he took the fight to the champion, body punches began to land at will. Martinez still threw leather in response but it was a Frampton round.

Martinez seemed to get his second wind at the start of the eighth. Again he came out flying trying to land his bombs. Frampton again was on the move and covered up well. Late in the round a counter hook seemed to catch Martinez high on the head. For a brief second his legs didn't look stable but the old champion fired back in defiance.

When the fight came to the end it was sudden. After a great battle and with many press and fans having this fight close Frampton ended the fight with a perfect counter right as Martinez went straight at him. At this point in the fight two of the judges had Frampton ahead 78-74 and the other 77-75. I certainly agree with the latter. When Martinez hit the deck it looked as if he would get up. His legs betrayed him though as he fell back towards the ropes giving Finnish Ref Anssi Perajoki no choice in ending the fight.

Frampton will now move forward with Promoter Eddie Hearn mentioning a possible WBC or IBF title shot. Marinez i think would be a great opponent for Scott Quigg who was in the crowd to watch his 122lb rival.

Below is my scorecard and all the scores i was able to collect from the Boxing Press plus the Boxing fans from Twitter and the best boxing forums.

Round 1.... 10-9 Frampton
Round 2.... 9-10 Martinez
Round 3.... 10-9 Frampton
Round 4.... 9-10 Martinez
Round 5.... 10-9 Frampton
Round 6.... 9-10 Martinez
Round 7.... 10-9 Frampton
Round 8.... 10-9 Frampton

TOTAL : 77-75 Carl Frampton at the time of stoppage

Boxing Press And Fans Scores

Harold Lederman (HBO) : 77-75 Frampton

Corey Quincey (Saddoboxing) : 78-74 Martinez

Scott Christ ( Badlefthook) : 77-75 Frampton : 80-72 Frampton

BoxingOpinions : 78-75 Frampton

Matt Christie (Boxingnews mag) : 78-74 Frampton

No Holds : 77-75 Frampton

Shaun Brown (Boxing Monthly) : 78-74 Frampton

Steve Simmons (Pro Fighter) : 78-75 Frampton

Billy Ferguson (UKFighthype) : 76-76 Draw

Paul Daley (Topclassboxing) : 77-75 Frampton

Andy Paterson (BoxingAsylum) : 78-74 Frampton

Fight Ghost : 77-75 Frampton

Phil D Jay (Worldboxingnews) : 77-75 Frampton : 76-76 Frampton

Paddy Cronan (OnthegrindboxingRadio) : 78-74 Frampton

Jim Watt (Sky Sports) : 77-75 Frampton

Mike Coppinger (Ring Magazine) : 76-76 Draw

Boxingbet.PL : 77-75 Martinez : 77-75 Frampton

Gareth Brown (Twitter Fan) 80-75 Frampton

Will Backhouse (Twitter Fan) 77-75 Frampton

C.A Clem ( Twitter Fan) 78-75 Martinez

Dan Welling (Twitter Fan) : 76-76 Draw

Pavel (Twitter Fan) : 78-74 Martinez

Simon (Twitter Fan) : 76-76 Draw

Adam Abramowitz ( Twitter Fan) :78-74 Frampton

Colin Hyndland (Twitter Fan) : 77-75 Frampton

Gary Shaw (Twitter Fan) :77-75 Frampton

Rick Glaser (Twitter Fan) : 76-76 Frampton

Jamie Street (Twitter Fan) : 78-74 Frampton

Spartan Paddy ( Twitter Fan) : 78-74 Frampton

George Dan ( Twitter fan) : 76-76 Draw

Patrick Cassidy (Twitter Fan) : 77-75 Frampton

Jay Cowell (Twitter Fan) : 77-75 Frampton

BoxingAsylum Forum : (All for Frampton) : 77-75 x3, 78-74

Livefight Forum : 78-74 Frampton

Ringnews24 Forum : (All for Frampton) : 77-76, 78-74, 77-75 , **77-77 DRAW**

Boxrec Forum : (All for Frampton) : 77-75 x2, 78-74, **76-76 DRAW** , *** 77-76 Martinez ***

Eastsideboxing Forum (All for Frampton) : 77-75 x5, 79-73, 78-74

Boxingscene Forum (All for Martinez) : 77-75 X4 , 78-74, **76-76 DRAW**  77-75 Frampton

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