Sunday, 2 December 2012

Is Eubank the real deal?

To answer the question straight away; No, I don't think he is. 
I know it sounds a bit short and sharp but that's my honest answer to the question. 

It was a good performance from him last night. He fully deserved the win against Bradley Pryce, who was the first real test of his career. But he did show a lot of flaws against Pryce who was recently dominated by fellow domestic middleweight contender Billy Joe Saunders and fought the best years of his career at welterweight. Now I know that he's still a novice and will obviously not yet be the finished article but I think he needs to improve a lot before he gets in the ring with some of the people he has been calling out recently.

This brings me to my next point... His attitude. He doesn't seem to have much respect for fellow fighters and the people who are pointing out some of the improvements he needs to make. I know he is trying to be like his dad but, he is not his dad! There will come a point when he needs to become his own fighter and that is when he will most likely get found out. Eubank Sr had a very good chin and got hit nowhere near as much so he was much more suited to this style. Eubank Jr gets hit a lot and I'm not sure if he has the chin to cope with all of the shots he could be taking.

As he steps up in class you can start to see that he didn't have much amateur experience. He has a crowd pleasing style but lacks defence when under pressure and going forward. He also looks very unbalanced when he fails to land one of his trademark Eubank power punches. However, you can tell that he does have natural ability. He always looks in good shape and is physically stronger than most of his opponents.

As always, I hope that he proves me wrong. He's a marketable fighter and if he does fulfil his potential then it just makes the middleweight division even more interesting and exciting. Its a long time before he's on the same level as the likes of Barker, Murray and Macklin but there could be potential match-ups with these sort of fighters in the future.

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97 -

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