Sunday, 2 December 2012

Fury lacks excitement but boxes smart!

You could hear a few boo's and jeers coming from the usually extremely pro-Tyson Fury crowd during and after his fight with Kevin Johnson last night (December 1st). The reason, because Fury chose to box instead of brawl. He changed his fighting style, boxed smart and didn't get involved in a fight.

I don't see why people actually booed this. He fought the right fight and did it impressively. I'd much rather see him keep focused and fight at range than rush in and get caught. Plus, its not exactly his fault. Johnson is a very tough guy to look good against. He's been in with the best and never really looked in trouble or in pain.

There were a few occasions when Fury did try and step up the pressure and force the fight, but unfortunately this didn't last long as Johnson would either worm his way out or tie him up. 

When the fight came to an end it was clear as to who was the winner. All three judges scored it to Fury (119-110 & 119-108 x2) and rightly so. The only point Fury lost was when he was deducted a point for hitting on the break. 

There's not really much else I can say about the fight. Fury was impressive. He did what he needed to do and yes, it may have lacked the action and excitement that the Fury fights have recently but this is going to happen when he steps up in class.

There's so many opportunities out there for Fury at the moment, he's actually spoilt for choice. He's ranked high with the WBC so he can chose that route or may even opt to fight a big name next and then try and take out Wladimir Klitschko in the summer. At the young age of 24 he can take his time to make a decision and chose where to go. I think whatever route he chooses to take it will be the same outcome. This young man has the potential to be a world-class heavyweight boxer.

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97 -

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