Friday, 23 November 2012

Quigg Vs Munroe - Do not forget about this fight!

Scott Quigg Vs Rendall Munroe II takes place on the undercard of the Ricky Hatton comeback fight this Saturday. Now I won't actually be surprised if you're reading this and you didn't even know this fight is happening, and that's not your fault. Literally nobody is talking about this fight. I remember the first time it was announced, it was one of the most highly-anticipated British fights of the year, but now this doesn't seem to be the case.  

Unfortunately the first time around the fight only lasted 3 rounds due to a cut caused by an accidental clash of heads. But it's been rescheduled and its happening again. Now there's an obvious reason why its not receiving as much attention this time around, and that's because its just chief support for a very, very big event for British boxing (the return of Ricky Hatton). But that's no reason to just ignore what, in my opinion, will be the fight of the night on November 24th. 

Now obviously everyone is naturally going to be more excited about the Hatton-Senchenko fight, as I am too. But don't turn up late to the arena or tune in late to Primetime. If you've only planned to watch the main event then change your plans! 

This a real 50/50 fight and not many people can pick a clear winner. I went with Munroe the first time and although Quigg was starting to take control of the fight in the 3rd, I'm gonna have to stick with "2 Tone" again. I just think his experience will give him the edge over a young, up and coming, talented Scott Quigg. I also think he has that little extra bit inside him that will enable him to dig deep if it does get tough in the late rounds.  
Quigg is very, very fit. It has actually been scientifically proven that he's got a better fitness level than most marathon runners. But Munroe can take him to a place he has never been before and it will be interesting to see how Quigg handles this. Fitness is a huge factor in this sport but I believe heart is even more important. Let's see if he's got it. 

There's no doubt that this is the toughest test of Quigg's career so far. Like most prospects, we know he's got talent but is he up there with the elite level fighters? Is he something special? Munroe has shared the ring with world class fighters such as Toshiaki Nishioka, who has been a serious pound-for-pound contender for a very long time. However, he hasn't faced anyone as tough and as fresh as Quigg recently so it will also be interesting to see how he handles this fight.

You still really have to class these two as the two best super-bantamweights in Britain. Carl Frampton has shown a lot of potential. The potential to be better than most at this weight division in the world today, but these two have done just a little more at the moment and probably just deserve to be ranked a little bit higher. In an ideal world the winner of this fight would face Frampton next but that's highly unlikely.. But, its boxing, we're boxing fans, and we can hope!

Super-bantamweight, like many other divisions in Britain, is starting to really heat up and that can only mean one thing; more excitement in the sport of boxing!

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97 - Check out my blog!

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