Friday, 23 November 2012

Interview With Martin Rogan

In just 17 fights you have already achieved a lot in your career... What has been your proudest moment so far?
My proudest moments being the first ever winner of Prizefighter and commonwealth champion both proud moments cant separate.
Tyson Fury, Sam Sexton and Audley Harrison are the three most notable fighters you have fought... Who was the toughest?
My toughest fight was Matt Skelton. 
If you had the chance to rematch Tyson Fury in the near future, would you take it?
Yes I would take a rematch with fury in a heartbeat.
You are a very big fan of the sport... Who are some of your favourite fighters around today?
Martin lindsay, Carl Frampton, Carl Froch, Ricky Hitman Hatton.
If you could fight any fighter of any era who would it be?
It would be to fight Rocky Maricano, legend.
A lot of people want to see you and Dereck Chisora meet in the ring... How much chance do you think there is of this happening?
İ would love to give the fight fans what they ask for, Derek and the İron Man Rogan. He's a good fighter, it would be a massive fight. Frank Warren the man that can make it happen.
When are you looking to return to the ring?
İ hope to be back in the ring early 2013 god spares me. 
At the age of 41 you're still going strong... How long can you see yourself continuing to box at a high level?
İ will continue fighting until my body says stop, not my head or heart it would never stop they're a scared of me. #fact
FAN ZONE (questions from our followers):
David Price Vs Tyson Fury... Who wins?
İ think David Price would win. 
You have a big following on Twitter. Your "Big Rogie Fan Club" (@OurBigRogie)  have asked us to ask you if you enjoy reading the #BigRogieFacts on Twitter?
İ love twitter but I really love to read bigrogie facts they're all true. #fact
Who has been your biggest inspiration in boxing?
My biggest inspiration has been myself simply because I started at the age of 29 and told I would never win a medal ,I didn't listen to those people, I listened to big Rogie and here I am before I turned pro in the ABA's 2 ulster 2 Irish titles at senior and more to add had no experience ,but one man I will name for inspiration and still gives me it is Nugget Nugent former coach amateur Immaculata abc,  these are all big rogie Facts, #Fact 
"Cheers Jack for your questions i hope you like my honesty in this. Martin. The İron man Rogan"

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