Sunday, 18 November 2012

Broner really is "The Problem!"

Adrien Broner faced the first real test of his career last night when he took on Antonio DeMarco. It actually proved to be relatively straight forward test for the 23-year old who is now a two-weight world champion.

Going into this fight DeMarco was considered by many as the No.1 fighter in the lightweight division right now. This was Broner's first fight at lightweight and there were doubts as to whether he would be as effective at this weight as he was at super-feather, which is a division that isn't  exactly bulging with amazing fighters at this current time. 

DeMarco's best round was the first. It was clear that his game plan was just to get up close and try and out-punch his younger and fresher opponent. Unfortunately for DeMarco, Broner is a very smart fighter and adapted to this style very quickly. From the 2nd round onwards he beat DeMarco to the punch almost every time and just didn't allow his game plan to work. Broner, as he has stated many times, actually prefers to fight on the inside and this became clear as he just had unlimited success landing right hand leads and left-hooks on DeMarco's skull frequently.

DeMarco could have changed his style but after a few rounds he was low on energy from all the punishment he had already taken and just was stuck for ideas. This is when Broner really got into his stride and started to load up with his punches. It was just a matter of time before he got DeMarco out of there. It was in the eighth round that the breakthrough came. DeMarco plodded forward once again and was sent crashing to the canvas from a short and sharp left hook. DeMarco, as tough as he is, could not recover from the punishment he had been taking for eight long rounds and the referee stopped the fight there and then. 

Adrien "The Problem" Broner is now a two-weight world champion at the age of 23. Not only that, he should also be considered as a serious pound-for-pound contender. If DeMarco really was the best guy at lightweight and Broner has just done that to him then its clear that this kid means business. 
When you look at how much time he's got and what he's already achieved you realise that Broner really is something special. I think he beats any lightweight around right now and also most light-welterweights out there. 

The best fight at lightweight for him is with British No.1 and WBO champ Ricky Burns. I still don't think Burns has what it takes to beat Broner but he would put up more of a fight than DeMarco did. After seeing what happened last night he would come with a well-thought out game plan and look to just stick to boxing on the outside and keeping Broner at a distance. Other than that, I really don't think there's anyone else at the weight that would give the American any trouble.

Like I said, Broner also has the opportunity of stepping up in weight once again to take on some of the best light-welterweights around. That is one of the strongest divisions right now and I think Broner would still beat most of them. The most likely fight at this weight would be Broner Vs Brandon Rios which is a fantastic fight, that Broner would probably win in the same sought of manner as he did today. If I was the guy making the fights I would put him in with Danny Garcia and then the winner of that to fight the winner of Pacquiao Vs Marquez IIII. Its unlikely, but a boxing fan can dream!

Anyway, he's proved to us all now that he really is something special and a star of the future and present. I think we have a new pound-for-pound dominator on our hands here.

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97 - 

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