Friday, 26 October 2012

Huck-Arslan winner must face Afolabi next!

On November 3rd Marco Huck attempts to make yet another successful defence of his WBO title, this time again Firat Aslan. Huck has looked fantastic in most of his recent fights but one man who has caused him a lot of trouble is British cruiserweight No.1 Ola Afolabi. Huck and Afolabi have fought twice, Huck winning a very close decision in the first and the second being a correctly scored draw. 

Its only fair that Afolabi gets another shot at the world title and that is what the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) has chosen to do. The winner of Huck Vs Arslan must face Afolabi in the next 180 days after the fight. 

Huck is the huge favourite going into this fight and if I'm honest I think its almost definite that he's going to win. Personally, I would love to see a third fight between Huck and Afolabi. I think their styles are made for each other and always provide entertainment. Honestly, I do actually think that Afolabi is the much better boxer, and probably the best cruiserweight in the world. But, Huck's strength is very hard to handle for any fighter. In the last fight Afolabi boxed very we'll but allowed Huck to get in close too many times. If he can just stick to his boxing and stay away from Huck's powerful swinging punches, he can become world champion with ease.

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

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