Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hatton's return is what British boxing needs!

After a slight blip and a small dry patch, British boxing seems to be on it's way back up at this current time, and in my opinion there is only one thing it needs to get back to the way it used to be. And that "thing" is the return of the 'Hitman', the one and only Ricky Hatton. 

There is just something about Hatton that makes him seem special. He's not the best boxer, he doesn't work the hardest, but every British boxing fan loves him. I think it must be the way he fights. You are guaranteed excitement when you go to watch him. From his professional debut right up until his knockout loss to Manny Pacquiao, he has never been in a boring fight. If he comes back with the same sort of style and aggression then hopefully this will continue.

Yes, his fight with Senchenko is on Primetime. Yes, we will have to pay £15 to watch it. But its Ricky Hatton! British boxing's golden boy! Think of all of the memories from illustrious career and imagine seeing him back in the ring. Imagine if he does make it back to world level and gets a rematch with Manny Pacquiao.. Don't you want to see the fight that starts all of this off?

Sure Senchenko is not the best fighter out there. I've heard a few "casual" boxing fans, who watch the occasional big fight, saying "oh why's he fighting him, he's a nobody." But Senchenko isn't a nobody. He's a former world champion, he's not a superstar or a top 10 fighter but he is world class and will be a tough test for Hatton. One thing you have to take into consideration is who Scott Harrison has faced since returning. Yes, he was out of the ring for longer, but he hasn't even faced a top domestic contender yet. Hatton is taking a big risk with this fight which is another reason why we love him. With him its all or nothing, what you see is what you get. He doesn't trash talk and call out guys like a lot of boxers do in this era. He's a likeable character and despite some of the mistakes he's made in the past, his heart is always in the right place. 

If I had to predict what the fight will pan out like I'd say to expect a solid, technically-sound performance from Hatton and it will most likely go the distance. Hatton will be looking to get in as many rounds as possible but if he does get the opportunity to take Senchenko out then expect him to do so. But I think his main aim will be just to look fit, sharp and ready and to shake off the ring rust. No matter what happens, do not miss the return of one of, if not THE, most popular British boxer of all time.

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

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