Saturday, 13 October 2012

Hatton blasts through Lomax!

Last night (October 12) former European champion Matthew Hatton took on Chingford's Mike Lomax. It was set to be a decent test for Hatton, who consistently claimed that he would make a massive statement against the former Prizefighter winner. And a statement is exactly what he did make. He rushed rapidly out of his corner and stopped Lomax in just one round.

The height and reach advantages that Lomax had meant nothing as Hatton didn't give him any time to use them. Hatton forced his way through, landing hooks and uppercuts on the way. Lomax did fight back and get involved in the exchanges but it was always Hatton who was coming off best. Eventually Hatton managed to land a clean right hand on the body of Lomax which dropped him to his knees almost instantly. Lomax did manage to rise to his feet at nine but the expression on his face exclaimed the words "I can't continue." The referee spotted this and decided to stop the fight.

It was a glorious moment for "Magic" Matthew who is now looking for a minor world title shot in 2013. Whilst I don't think he's earned the shot just yet, a few more performances like this and he will definitely be ready!

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

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