Wednesday, 10 October 2012

DeGale rips into Eubank Jr... Calls him crazy!

2008 Olympic gold medallist and super-middleweight contender James DeGale has told up and coming prospect and potential domestic rival Christ Eubank Jr that the allegations he is making are crazy. Eubank has been taking shots at DeGale in articles and on Twitter but DeGale says there is not a rivalry and this is just all part of Eubank's wild imagination.

"Over a year and a half ago, just after the Groves fight, Eubank sent me a message on Facebook. He said 'I'm not your enemy, I'm not your friend but I'm your rival. In a couple of years, you and me will fight and it's going to be massive'," explained DeGale.

"It was some long-winded message and he told me to carry on being arrogant and brash because it would sell more tickets. But him and his dad are just crazy. If his dad told him to stand in a corner and pick his nose, he'd do it."

James DeGale then went on to talk about an incident he experienced with Eubank Jr after a recent sparring session:

"After the spar, in which I moved him around the ring and played with him, his dad told him to jump over the ropes while I was in MY ring doing pads. He's done it, so I looked at him and said 'Get out of my ring right now.',"

"Now me, I've got a short fuse and something like that is going to make me switch. Luckily my dad was there and so was my trainer Jim McDonnell( so everything got cooled down, but I would have flipped... Trust me. We're professionals and we should have respect for each other, but him and his dad are something else."

"Let me make it clear, I moved HIM around. Next day he's gone on Twitter saying that he schooled an Olympic gold medallist. But it was all a publicity stung on his part."

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

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