Friday, 5 October 2012

Audley Harrison talks sparring with Wilder, Hanks & Scott... Believes he can walk through Price!

David Price (left) & Audley Harrison (right).

British heavyweight Audley Harrison claims he has cut no corners in his training camp for his career-determining fight on October 13th against Britain's most dangerous prospect David Price. A-Force claims he has had the best sparring possible and believes he can just "walk through Price."

"I've been real competitive in this camp and I found people who I believe can match David Price, can potentially beat David Price. Deontay Wilder, he's 26-0 with 26 knockouts and he won a bronze medal at heavyweight in Beijing, same as David. There is Joe Hanks who is 26-0 with 19 knockouts, he's explosive and he's fast like Shannon Briggs... Malik Scott, another guy who is 33-0," said Audley.

"That's the best sparring I can get for someone like David Price. They are all the same height as him... 6"7, 6"8. Deontay Wilder punches like a mule and he's fast. And I had four weeks of him. And some days he was catching me with clean shots. Some people think that when David catches me with a right hand it will be over, but that certainly won't be the case. Even against David Haye, when I was at my worst, David hit me without about 20 punches before I went down and I still got up."
By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

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