Thursday, 13 September 2012

Team Martinez: Fight Only Happens If Ward Moves Down...

"Middleweight King" Sergio Martinez.

Super-middleweight ruler Andre Ward.
Recently, there have been a lot of people calling for a fight between the world No.1 middleweight Sergio Martinez and the WBC super-middleweight world champion, who are considered as the two bets fighters on the planet other than Floyd Mayweather. However, it has now been revealed that the fight will only happen one way... And that's if Andre Ward moves down to 160lb.

Sergio Martinez's adviser, Sampson Lewkowicz, has revealed that his fighter will never fight at super-middleweight, and the only way a fight with Ward can happen is if Ward decides to drop down in weight.

"If Andre Ward moves down to 160 pounds, the fight will happen," said Lewkowicz. "Sergio Martinez would never turn down any challenge in the middleweight division.  However, Sergio will never move up to 168 pounds or fight Ward at a catch-weight. We are ready to fight anyone in the middleweight division or at 154 pounds, or Floyd Mayweather Jr or Manny Pacquiao at 152."

"Martinez is a blown-up 154 pounder, who chooses to fight in the middleweight division. He made weight for this fight last week. He will never fight at super-middleweight."

At the moment, I'm not sure whether to be happy or disappointed. The chances of a fight between Ward and Martinez have decreased slightly but at least they're actually talking about the fight. The fact that one of Martinez's team has talked about Ward publicly does show that they see him as an option.

However, there is one thing you still need to remember. Martinez faces Julio Cesar Chavez Jr on Saturday and he must get through him face. If Chavez wins on Saturday everything changes. It would then be likely that we would see Chavez move up to super-middleweight to fight Ward. Let's just hope Martinez hasn't made a big mistake and looked past Chavez.
By Jack Price (@PriceyJ97)

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