Monday 3 September 2012

Khan looking set to part ways with Roach!

Freddie Roach Amir Khan Amir Khan v Danny Garcia - Press Conference
Khan with trainer Freddie Roach.

Controversial British light-welterweight Amir Khan seems to have finally made a decision on whether or not he will switch to a new trainer for his future fights. The 25-year old is getting tired of having to be second priority to his current trainer Freddie Roach, who also trains Filipino star Manny Pacquiao.

'King' Khan was knocked out in just four rounds in his last fight against Danny Garcia on July 14th. He believes that one of the main reasons he lost this fight was because he was not shown enough attention by his world-class trainer Freddie Roach. Khan's next bout is set for December 15th and he is adamant that he will not let this happen again. Therefore he needs to find a new trainer.

"I'm 25 and not even at my peak yet. I want to make a few changes and am in talks to change trainers at the moment. I am looking at a few names but I don't know if they are available," said Khan in an exclusive interview with the Daily Star.

The Bolton-based star has still not indicated who he is actually most likely to be trained by but at least he has made the decision to move away from Roach. Personally, I think this is the best decision he has ever made. Roach is a world-class trainer, no doubt about it, but Khan is a fighter that needs lots and lots of attention, otherwise he seems to pick up a lot of nasty habits.

One thing you will also notice about Khan from his last few interviews. He is a lot more quiet lately and not spitting out the usual controversial garbage that we are used to hearing from him. Maybe the knockout loss has put him in his place or maybe he has just finally realised that nobody believes half the stuff he says. Anyway, if he continues to act like this, I may end up liking the new Amir Khan!

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