Saturday, 25 August 2012

This Week's Interview: Deontay Wilder

This week's interview is with America's No.1 heavyweight Deontay Wilder!
You're regarded by most as the America's No.1 heavyweight.. Are there any other American heavyweights that you think are on the same level as you?
NO! There's no other heavyweight that's near my level. Not been aragent or cocky just expressing my opinion. I feel I  have a God given talent that brings Excitment and Energy to the Heavyweight Division. There's no other Heavyweight that can do what I do, How I do it, when I do it many feel the same way about me but soon the world will feel exactly the same way as I.
There's been huge amounts of requests for a fight between you and Tyson Fury.. Is he a potential future opponent for you?

He could definitely be a potential opponent for me, I'm a type of fighter that give fighter's nightmares just the thought of potentally fighting me, So once those fears have been overcome and only when that happens there will be a fight, history made and not only fans finally getting want they want so badly but also Becoming a Deontay Wilder fan for life.

Just like most up and coming fighters, you have some people saying that you have only fought nobody's so far in your career..  What is your response to this?

I'm just glad I can spark a conversation out of my Haters Mouth it really makes me feel good because if I wasn't being successful and stirring up noise in the division my name wouldn't be mention. People can say what they want, they do have the freedom of speech. Just like Roy Jones Jr. said: "It's not that they're bad opponents it's just that I make them look that way." It's easy to hide your face behind the Internet or in the closed doors and talk about a fighter and what skill they have or don't have when half don't know how to get in a proper stands themselves yet only know how to throw a punch, that's when the easier said then done clause steps in. I would pay to see the day when one would come out of hiding and step in a world where there's kill or be killed and that's the boxing ring. I'm not going to say and fight ME or the likes of me, that would just be a cruel and usually punishment lol.

How long do you think it will be to you become heavyweight champion of the world?
2013 and long will live the King. The klitschko's will give that belt up smiling knowing that it has been put in great hands and heck they might even yell out BOMBsquad.... With me lol.
If you could fight any heavyweight in the world right now, who would it be?
The Champion of the World of course. Duhhh lol.

Tyson Fury or David Price? Who do you think is better?
I would like to see them fight and see!

Can you just give a few words for your loyal "Bomb Squad" fans?
BOMBsquad...... Lol Dear fans, Man...!! and Woman lol.... Some of you guys have been here since day one and some my have just join the party but however it maybe I Deontay Wilder just want to say whether your from the US of good ole A from the beautiful UK or anywhere in the world that deep down inside I  really appreciate the support. You may not have been happy with some of the fights that's been given to me but through it all you still had/have my back, when others tried and took punches at me you always said "Get Back Jack" and I really... really... thank you for that. Love, peace, God bless and don't forget to yell out to all the Haters BombSquad...... Lol. Next Champ of the World Baby and you can bet the house on that!

FAN ZONE (Questions from our fans)

Are you disappointed that GBP didn't let you participate in Prizefighter?
Not disappointed because I'm not going to stress over situations I can't control but I did have mix feeling about it especially after I heard about who win the darn tournament Smh.

If either Klitschko brother asked you for a fight for the end of the year, would you take it?
The contract would be signed before they could even end the sentence lol.

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