Saturday 4 August 2012


If you're wondering what 'PriceysBoxinThoughts' is, it's a new YouTube channel set up by our young aspiring boxing pundit/writer Jack Price. He has basically set up the channel so that he can talk about boxing as a fan and express his individual opinions and thoughts on the goings on in the boxing world. However, like us, he wants to get the fans (YOU) involved. Give us ideas for videos that you would like him to do or ways he could improve.

His old YouTube channel (BoxingOpinionsPrice) will no longer be running as he will be devoting all of his time to the new channel.

PriceysBoxingThoughts is a personal channel and it is not linked with our site. If you have any queries please contact Jack Price. ( or @PriceyJ97).

Welcome To My Channel (PriceysBoxinThoughts)

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